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Whether you want to capture your dog or your horse in a MARIE FRITZ PERRY Fine Art Custom Portrait, the process always begins with a story—your story of the love and commitment you want to share through a portrait of your special animal. MARIE FRITZ PERRY uses her artistic gift to convey your vision in pastel, oil, or graphite pencil. Her paintings allow you to privately enjoy or share your passion with others. While a snap shot or professional photograph captures an exact moment in time, a custom painting captures the emotion you want to express and remember, offering a unique opportunity which photography just cannot give you— to quote one of MARIE FRITZ PERRY’s art clients, David O’Neill: “A true portrait is built from the inside looking out.”

3 Simple Easy Steps to Order Your Portrait

Step 1

So, browse our Galleries page to get a sense of what artistic medium you connect with— pastel, oil or graphite pencil, and begin to envision your special animal’s portrait. Which medium would best express the love you feel for your canine or equine companion? Select the medium (pastel, oil, or graphite pencil) that moves you most and then think about where you would want to display your final Fine Art Portrait— consider what size might look best given the location you have in mind… Is it for a quiet, private space in your home where you get away from the world, or is it to be the focal point of a main room in your house or office lobby? Whatever the space, envision what size best suits the space you want your portrait to live when it is finished. Please do not hesitate to email or call the studio with questions you may have at any point during this process- creating a work of fine art is something very personal and we are happy to help you with any questions you may have.

Step 2

Once a deposit has been placed, you are ready to select and upload your reference photographs that will form the foundation of the portrait process you are beginning. To understand how to choose the best photographs for your Fine Art Portrait, please refer to our Photo Requirements page. Please do not hesitate to ask questions at this phase of the portrait planning process! Portrait design is a creative process that occurs in a collaborative effort between artist and client and your initial reference photographs and comments emailed to MARIE FRITZ PERRY will spark the idea process for her and form the basis for a meaningful and inspirational discussion about what you envision for your portrait. Your storytelling about your special animal allows MARIE FRITZ PERRY to begin to paint your vision in her mind and transfer your thoughts and feelings about your dog or horse or special animal(s) to her first concept sketches and then ultimately into an original work of fine art to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Step 3

Once you determine your choice in artistic medium and size, you are ready to place a deposit on our Pricing page to begin your portrait process. Placing a small deposit allows you to hold a place in the artist’s schedule and ensures that you can begin working on your vision for your special portrait with the artist. Please note that since each piece of work is original and created by hand by the artist, a basic time frame of any where from 6-12 weeks (with the exception of peak holiday seasons) will be discussed allowing for current work already in the schedule, size of your portrait, constraints of the medium you have chosen (i.e. drying time for oils and the layering process for pastels) and your timeline if it is for a special occasion.

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Once a deposit has been paid and the details of your Fine Art Portrait have been determined, clients will be given two black and white compositional sketches to select pose from and changes can be made at this phase to make sure both artist and client are sharing the same vision. Please note that these pencil sketches are not full detailed renderings, but merely a visual aid to determine proportion, subject positions and basic background elements. Once the final sketch has been client approved, 50% of the portrait balance will be invoiced and your final portrait will begin. During the artistic process, clients will receive several “work in progress” images as your portrait progresses in the studio to make sure your MARIE FRITZ PERRY Fine Art Portrait is on track with your vision. Clients will also receive a final digital image when their portrait is complete in the studio to approve. Once the final original work is client approved, a final payment will be invoiced, including a quote for shipping and insurance which is the responsibility of the client and must be paid in full two weeks before the portrait is shipped.

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