Photo Requirements

Reference Photographs Form the Foundation for your MARIE FRITZ PERRY Fine Art Portrait

While some portrait artists require hours of in-person sittings to achieve their final portrait, a MARIE FRITZ PERRY original requires the use of photo references from her clients to achieve their dream vision in a work of art. Whether it be your dog or horse, or other special animal; a MARIE FRITZ PERRY original evolves from carefully selected photographs. These photos allow the artist to get to know your dog, horse, or special animals and the love you feel for them and help ensure an original work of fine art that depicts the emotions you feel in your heart. In the end, your MARIE FRITZ PERRY Custom Fine Art Portrait allows all who view it to share in your memories and gives you the ability to cherish and retell the stories that precious relationship evokes for you.

What Makes a Good Reference Photograph?

Reference photographs for Fine Art Portraits are chosen for the pose and emotional qualities one wants to enhance in a final work of fine art. MARIE FRITZ PERRY Fine Art Portraits require one main photo reference to see the pose of the animal that the final portrait should showcase, but that does not mean that this pose is a photograph that includes the ideal background and setting for the final portrait. Good "pose" reference photographs have included dogs that are sitting on the client's kitchen floor or the back of a pick-up truck, but by the time the final MARIE FRITZ PERRY Fine Art Portrait is produced, that same posed dog has been recaptured in front of a reedy watered area surrounded by the ducks he has retrieved for his master. The dog's eyes are so rendered that the power of expression runs deep and the viewer senses his confidence and owner's acknowledgment of the true prize- his canine companion. His portrait is done so that with utilizing several good reference photos which included:

  1. A main pose;
  2. A close up of the canine or equine's face with attention to his/or her eyes;
  3. A photo of the desired setting; the final unique work of art can be achieved!

These three reference photos each give attention to needed elements that will make the final work of art unique, beautiful, and emotional. In the end, MARIE FRITZ PERRY portraits are "created" through the artist's vision and so elements that capture her eye in each of your provided photographs will be carefully selected and drawn upon to make your final work of art richly unique.

What Device is Needed to Capture the Correct Reference Photograph?

In our digital age of iPads, iPhones, and the like, technology makes the snap shots we capture in the blink of an eye that much more reliable for use in the Artist's studio. Digital cameras are nice, but as long as the photos are of high resolution and can be enlarged by the artist to an 8" x 10" size to see complete detail, the images will work as reference photos. Animals have unique markings, coat colors, eyes and expressions that resonate what their heart tells us about what they are thinking and feeling, and so good lighting is a must when taking these reference photos and should be considered when selecting your reference photos.

Please note that if your animal has passed away and you are doing a commemorative piece and you can't get every thing you want in one or two photos, send more- it is not uncommon for clients to provide up to eight photo references of the subject or subject(s) they want portrayed in an original work of art. These additional photos can be emailed separately once the portrait process begins, but do note that you wish to provide more in our "Comments Section."

What about Professionally Produced Photographs- Can I use this as a Reference Photograph?

The answer is simply "yes" if you request and receive copyright clearance from the professional photographer. Photos that do not have permission to be used by their creators cannot be used as part of the Fine Art Portrait process. When talking to professional photographers, it is important to let them know that their work will never be copied exactly, but merely provide a reference for an original work of fine art to be created.

Are Models Ever Used to produce my MARIE FRITZ PERRY Fine Art Portrait ?

The answer is simply "yes!" The MARIE FRITZ PERRY studio is the happy home to two lovely canine models- Nadal and Mia, and two equine models- Four of A Kind and Afire Ruhles ORA who are all fabulous for anatomical reference when paired with the reference photos provided by her clients. Sometimes even the best reference photographs cannot capture the small details an artist needs to make the final work truly powerful and so the use of in-house models allows for the best of both worlds to achieve your desired Fine Art Portrait.

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