The MARIE FRITZ PERRY™ Certificate of Authenticity


Is the artwork's birth certificate, passport and quality guarantee all rolled into one.

Our Certificate of Authenticity (COA) provides concrete detail about a piece. The Certificate adds credibility to the work and helps the portrait hold its value. The MARIE FRITZ PERRY certificate of authenticity (COA) is a promise of quality. MARIE FRITZ PERRY's Portraits are always created from the best materials available, and designed to last.

The Certificate of authenticity will provide all the information on the medium(s) of the piece needed for conservation that might otherwise be lost forever. Our certificates of authenticity protect your investment by helping to prove it is an original Marie Fritz Perry work of art. Our Certificate of Authenticity ensures that what you have bought is genuine and not counterfeit. Learn about the MARIE FRITZ PERRY holographic seal of authenticity.

Artwork Serial Number


Artwork produced at MARIE FRITZ PERRY's art studios are catalogued and entered into a digital database to keep a historical record of the portrait. A 12-digit number is assigned to each masterpiece.

The MFP Seal of Authenticity


A hologram sticker will be applied to the reverse side of the artwork. The combination of certificate, serial number and MFP hologram assures that your artwork is an original.

A Product of Quality


Our Portraits are always created from the best materials available, and designed to last-- it is an heirloom piece of fine art. From linen canvases to specialty art sanded papers suited only for pastel, the original artwork produced by MARIE FRITZ PERRY is designed to last and be passed on by you to many generations to come.

Insuring your portraits


One of the first questions people ask is: "Does my homeowner’s insurance cover my artwork?" Homeowner’s insurance covers your valuables subject to your deductible and coverage limits.

If you don’t have a separate policy, and think it’s covered under your homeowner’s insurance, you need to check the exclusions. It’s possible to buy special coverage for your painting, which would cover their most recently appraised value. This is something you need to do your due diligence on if you own an original MARIE FRITZ PERRY portrait.

Remember your painting is an original and there is no way to replace the actual piece. However, you can get a printed canvas reproduction replacement if you keep a digital copy of the original MARIE FRITZ PERRY work in our digital vault. In the case of loss, another option is to commission a new piece of art work inspired by the original picture. Digital storage services are offered as an additional service, please ask us about all the options we have to protect the special custom work of art you commission.



When you buy an original painting, you buy the physical object to have and enjoy. In most circumstances you own only the artwork, not the copyright to it. That remains with the artist unless they specifically sign over their copyright to the buyer, or the copyright has expired after 72 years.

You don't automatically acquire the right to reproduce a painting. It's the same as when you buy a book, film, music, vase, carpet, table, etc— you're acquiring the right to own and enjoy the item but not the right to reproduce it.

If you want to make reproductions of the painting you have commissioned, you must request permission in writing from MARIE FRITZ PERRY.

Packaging and Shipping


MARIE FRITZ PERRY Art Portraits are hand-packaged with attention to detail and care, and insured and shipped using reinforced packaging materials designed to accommodate the specific needs of original art. Pastel portraits are only shipped framed, but Oil and Graphite Pencil works can be shipped unframed or framed depending upon the wishes of the client commissioning the work. All Fine Art Portraits will be properly sealed to protect the works from possible damage during shipment. In the U.S., works are shipped by UPS ground and International orders are handled through FedEx. Shipments are always insured and both insurance and shipping costs will be the responsibility of the client commissioning the work of fine art.

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